Nostalgia on demand. Annandale Ragnarok Online brings you wonderful custom items, fully-developed quests, and an advanced event system all in one package. We're from Annandale with love and everything we approach is with extreme tender loving care.

Annandale Ragnarok Online is in beta testing. The download and registration is open to the public for all players to test and play. We're in the middle of construction, so please bare in mind there will be a lot of loose ends to be tied throughout the server. The server will not be wiped after the official release!

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Server Foundation Finished

by Katazui on 05-29-2020

Hello Annandailens!

We have made some great strides in our server. We have improved many structural foundations of the server to give Ragnarok Online a game-play where players are not "completed" in the game, but feels "accomplished". We are aiming to add many endless game-play quests, along with the super-high-rate PvP aspect, with mid-rate grinding feel. Our vision is to combine our favorite parts of gaming we've experienced throughout the years and combine it into one nostalgia-packed fuel fun. We acknowledge that with any great online server is the community behind it, and the memories we create through them.

That's why we have launched our Discord Server where players are always connected, even when away from their computers. Players are allowed to communicate through discord to AnnandaleRO, and vice-versa. This allows GMs always reliably available to answer any questions or attend to any problems. There are four public channels for the server's convenience.

Channels: #discord / #bugs / #support / #market

Since we have the basic economy and server vision all planned out and blueprinted. We're in the middle of adjusting 2,500 custom items. Yes, you read it correctly, two-thousand-and-five-hundred custom items. Each of these custom items will have their own special effect and most of them will have an custom quest attached to it. We are a role-playing server, so we want our quests to be top-notch! As you can imagine, this will take an enormous amount of time with only two core developers, we ask you to bare with us. And in addition, as you can assume, the official release won't be out for quite some time, as we're also battling with the economic effects of the coronavirus. But, we are determine to deliver you guys an nostalgic game-play! So in the meantime, stick around, play the beta, and get a head-start on the grind! The server will not be wiped during official launch.


Major Battle Updates

by Katazui on 05-03-2020

Hello Annandale friends! Here are our recent updates to the server:

New Rates: 420k/420k | Custom Mobs! (MapleStory) | Balancing Drops/Exp/Skills (Still updating) | Added Support NPC | Added Quest NPCs | Voting System | Fishing System | Leveling Room | Newbie Guide Updated | PvP Ladder | Custom Items Added (No effects yet) | Updated Mall | Updated Gold Room

More updates to come! For future plans, we are adding a mining system, casino system, and more custom items. As of now we have 126 custom items, we have 600+ more to go! Lots of work to do!


Custom Items & Quests

by Katazui on 04-23-2020

We're in the process of developing, adding, and testing custom items and adding custom quests to the server. They will be slowy added throughout the coming days.

Forums is up!

by Katazui on 04-22-2020

Given by the title, we finally have our forums! If you have deep questions, need help, or want to say hello, you can contact us there!


24/7 Online Beta Testing

by Katazui on 04-21-2020

We reached a great milestone today! We purchased a host for Annandale. That means the server will be online 24/7 exclusively for beta testers! You will have to download the latest verison of AnnandaleROBeta1.38. This would be the last download for awhile. Thank you for dedication and putting up with 3.3gb downloads!

Got an Error?

by Katazui on 04-20-2020

Hello Beta Testers. In the following days, there will many enourmous amount of updates and tweaking. If you notice some error while playing the game. Try redownloading the .RAR file again. We will always update that link. If you notice an error while extracting, please let us know! Thank you for your help and time, it means a lot.

Download Ready for Beta Testers

by Katazui on 04-16-2020

Annandale Ragnarok Online is in beta testing. The download and registration is now open to the public, but players who are not approved for beta testing will be unable to interact with their characters online.


Annandale In Development!

by Katazui on 04-13-2020

Hello to the start of a fresh new world! Annandale Ragnarok Online is the rebirth and revamped verison of SpookyRO. It is still in the development stages. The website is still in construction, but stay tune as we are constantly working! Many functions on this website should be working! Hope to see you online soon!