AnnandaleRO Beta 1.60:


Server is open for beta testing!

Annandale Ragnarok Online is in beta testing. We have added all our custom items and are working on quests and item effects! The download and registration is open to the public for all players to test and play. We're in the middle of construction, so please bare in mind there will be a lot of loose ends to be tied throughout the server. The server will not be wiped after the official release!

After Downloading

Step 1) Extract "AnnandaleROBeta1.6.rar".

Step 2) Open the folder "AnnandaleRO Beta - 1.6".

Step 3) Launch the executable "opensetup.exe".

Step 4) Apply these recommended settings: "Resolution: 1600x900x32", "Uncheck: Restrict Mouse to Window".

Step 5) Launch the executable "AnnandaleRO Patcher.exe".

Step 6) Enjoy!